This unique family legacy began in 1969 as the exclusive designer boutique for dignitaries and the noble elite.

Pattama grew up in the family of Atelier and graduated from Chulalongkorn University, Bachelor of Arts/Education in which she further enhanced her design acumen at L’Institut Paris Modéliste, France. Upon returning to Thailand, Pattama returned to the family business and became leader of the family legacy In 2000.

Some of her family’s legacy in terms of artistic works and designs were honoured to be displayed as pieces of art at the Queen Sirikit Museum of textiles as example pieces of Thailand’s finest dresses.

This sophisticated boutique strives to remain current with a collection of functional, versatile hand-made pieces that reflect the needs of its customers. The brand philosophy is to give the customer an experience that will delight by steering them away from everything that is expected and imposed. Each piece is made to order to well present(suit) each individual.

The shop prides itself on offering a service that encompasses their customers’ lifestyles and personalities, with a collection focused on individual tastes rather than the latest trends. Pattama’s warm and charming nature adds to the guarantee of a unique shopping experience.

Being sincere, honest, diligent to hard work and strict attention to detail remain at the heart of the company.